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Services is the Key to Better Business Performance

The right ERP software selection is important for setting your company on the right growth path—but the services offered are the true differentiator in getting a full solution that will make the business improvements you need a reality.  Training and on-going education are essential parts of successfully implementing a new ERP system and are critical for gaining the full benefits long-term. Well-trained users are efficient, highly motivated and often discover new ways to save time and improve business processes. We have hundreds of courses designed for every role within the organization so everyone is performing in a unified team approach. The knowledgeable Support Team is  well-versed in the product and your industry. Learn how ERP services can make a real difference in your experience.

What We Offer

A successful ERP solution is the foundation on which companies can launch new initiatives, streamline and improve existing operations, reduce costs and grow the bottom-line.

But even the best ERP solutions count for nothing if they are not implemented properly.

Our Implementation Methodology is a single, world-wide, scalable, structured and phased implementation approach that consists of pre-defined inputs, activities and outputs to deliver a solution on time and on budget.

Our ERP Implementation Methodology:

  • Uses our experience and knowledge of best practices to your benefit
  • Provides visibility to and accountability of our activities and services
  • Uses your resources effectively
  • Empowers you and your employees to know and leverage the solution for your business
  • Scales to meet the complexity or simplicity of your implementation needs and your company’s capabilities

Implementing ERP

The IDEAL Implementation Methodology consists of a FIVE PHASE approach:

Initiate Phase

Ensures all parties have an aligned understanding of the business, its requirements and the requirements of the project.

Design Phase

The project team explores the business objectives and needs and designs a solution that will best meet those needs within the project parameters.

Engineer Phase

The project team starts to configure and build the solution based on agreed design parameters. This phase includes customization, configuring a go-live system and simulating a live environment.

Actualize Phase

The live site is created. Prior to going live, the final data is loaded and validated. The project team will train the people who will work on the new system to ensure users are ready and prepared to use the new software.

Leverage Phase

Once everything has been balanced and signed-off, we move to the Leverage Phase which closes out the project.

Supporting the ongoing implementation processes are a number of project control and governance activities to ensure that the project is meeting its defined objectives, remains on its scheduled track, within the defined scope and budget and assists in ensuring that resources are being managed effectively.

If your business is looking for greater flexibility and increased productivity while also grappling with the problems of complexity and change, then you probably need the tools that will help you visualize and manage these complexities. You also need a way to review, revise and revamp operations right down to the process level.

To minimize the stress associated with migrating to or implementing a new system, you’ll need strong ERP project management with careful planning to steer the change management process. For most organizations, irrespective of size or structure, change is not easy but this can be done more effectively if you have a structured view of your organization which shows the logic of how processes, systems, data and organizational hierarchies are designed, and moreover has the ability to change or add on to anything in that structural view. Implementing these systems and process is greatly simplified when business and IT work together and communicate effectively.

ERP Support Services

Expert, local support services when you need it

Ensuring that you have reliable ERP support when you need it is a key element of our support service offering.

We offer a number of services to help you make the most of your investment. You can select product and technical support via phone or email. Training and consultation can be on an as-needed fee for service basis or we can tailor a support program specifically for your organization on a committed contract basis.

In order to get the most out of your SYSPRO ERP experience, you need to be empowered with knowledge. We strive to make your ERP training and learning experience as accessible as possible.

Optimize Your Experience with the our Learning Channel

Whether you are new or have been part of the ERP community for years, education plays a vital role in optimizing your ERP experience and usage.

We ensures that you’ll have access to training material when you need it, where you need it. Because we understand that people learn differently, we provides a range of different educational material formats to suit your learning style and preference. You can also use it to register for instructor-led training sessions, whether they take place in a physical or virtual classroom.

So, no matter where you are, our educational material is at your fingertips:

  • Enabling companies to measure and monitor the educational progress of each user
  • Learning how to use ERP to perform your day-to-day activities and prevent application erosion
  • Managing and monitoring how well educational and organizational objectives are being met