While most in-house Linux administrators possess a basic familiarity with troubleshooting desktop or server issues, they tend to work almost exclusively on controlling the computing environment without the time or expertise to address things proactively.

It pays to utilize a Linux expert! Who else will go beyond troubleshooting to search for better ways to do things more efficiently—and less expensively—on your behalf?

Our experts, all based in the India, will work with your team to address core issues and actively participate in IT decisions that improve operations for your company. Our team of Linux administrators provides enhanced expertise about specific Linux technologies and functionality, including clustering, mail servers, storage, virtualization, and more.

Why Use Our for Linux System Administration?

  • Experience with hundreds of Linux-based systems has established a solid foundation of what works—today and for the long-term.
  • Scalable service model allows clients to choose full-time expert Linux administration or contracted hourly work—so you pay only for what you need.
  • Exceptional service from certified Linux professionals who thrive on creative solutions to frustrating problems, rather than just throwing in a quick fix.
  • Highly specialized experts in all areas of Linux administration, flexibly accommodating the needs of your current build.
  • Staff of driven IT professionals who aren’t satisfied until the challenge is met.

Focus on running your business and let us manage your IT needs. Stop worrying about potential glitches due to a programming error. Trust us to get it right the first time.

Experienced and Flexible Linux System Administration Direct Access to a Team of Senior-Level Linux Administrators

Our staff averages over 15 years of experience in managing a wide variety of operating systems, with specific expertise in Linux code and development. They are professionals dedicated to improving the way your system works.

Linux Administration When and Where You Need It

If you’re relying on a solitary on-site administrator to ensure that your business is responsive to your clients, you may be missing some key opportunities and not even know it. Today, business never stops and neither does India-Nigeria Technology. Let us manage your Linux-based system to ensure you don’t miss “The Big One.” We don’t call in sick, we’re never out on vacation, and we provide responsive support night and day—including holidays.

Scalable and Customizable, a Unique Combination

We let you choose what you need—full-time, part-time, or on a consultative basis. Only contract what you need, and save yourself time and money.

Server Installations

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