Optimizatoin Services

In an ever-changing global marketplace, companies are looking for every opportunity to gain a competitive advantage and simultaneously grow revenue, profits, and customer loyalty. The Technology Services team from India Nigeria Technologies provides the expertise and experience to deliver a “Life Cycle” model for IT Infrastructure Optimization using our practice expertise, proven methodology and tools.

Our team of IT experts delivers remarkable results for your organization, driving 30% to 65% of the cost out of your IT infrastructure. Our “Life Cycle” approach to IT Infrastructure Optimization includes: discovery, assessment, reporting, data classification, and policy/process automation. We are known for tailoring data center assessments to the given enterprise so as to minimize project speed bumps at the point of implementation.

Server Optimization

Create a cost-effective, scalable, flexible and resilient server infrastructure. We will work with you to create a computing environment that optimizes performance by reducing infrastructure complexity, controlling management costs, and increasing adaptability. Including whether virtualization makes sense, and if so, helping you avoid virtual server sprawl (so you don’t add insult to injury!). Read More

Storage Optimization

Explosive data growth, increasing performance demands, multiple technology platforms – make it difficult to support the ever-changing needs of business applications. Reclaim unused storage capacity, improve data access via availability, performance, and security and defer the need to purchase additional high-end devices. Read More

Desktop Optimization

Reduce IT Infrastructure Optimization costs by minimizing hardware and software configurations and deploying a standardized desktop with a defined PC lifecycle strategy. Read More

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